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Amardeep Parmar

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I write on a variety of topics whilst challenging common advice to be more mindful. I explore how to achieve goals whilst knowing what’s really important. Search for articles easily on my website or sign up for my weekly newsletter.

If you’re a writer who wants advice, check out my free Medium course. I am also a co-editor for Entrepreneur’s Handbook and a moderator for Medium Writing Academy.

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Spoiler: They were wrong

A photo of the author, edited by the author.

“Do you consider yourself British?”

“Yes, I was born and raised here.”

“Then you’ll never be happy.”

I laughed but stopped when I realized it wasn’t a joke. A smirk spread across the other man’s face. He was enjoying my discomfort. I forced myself to stay calm to spoil his fun.

He knew he had my attention so explained he had been working on a research project. The project would examine the happiness levels of people who were the first generation in their family to be born in a Western country.

According to him, these people would never truly be…

A system for prioritizing what matters

Photo: Dougal Waters/Getty Images

Over the past year and a half, I’ve heard people say they don’t feel like they are working from home, but living at work. It’s hard to deal with all the competing interests in our lives: work, relationships, family, friends, relaxation, and exercise.

There’s one tool I’ve found effective in navigating this issue: the Eisenhower Matrix. Originally created by President Dwight Eisenhower, the graphic helps you prioritize tasks based on urgency. While most people use it for work, I’ve expanded it to include everything I do in a day.

How it works: Get a piece of paper and divide it…

No, the decision isn’t easy

Of the author by the author

People want to know the exact moment I made the big decision to quit my job.

But there wasn’t a specific moment at all.

I’m not one of these supremely confident people who can make a snap decision and commit to it. I agonized for at least two months over my choice. There were some days where I was 100% sure I was going to do it. Then the next day I’d think I was crazy.

Lots of sleepless nights, mini-panic attacks, and food binges.

It’s normal if you’re struggling with the decision or wondering how you’ll know the time…

#3 Protect each other’s Achilles’ heels

Created by the author — original image from unsplash

You know when it just feels right when you’re around someone but you aren’t sure why?

David Bradford and Carole Rubin know the answer.

Together they have taught interpersonal relationships to Stanford MBA students for over two decades. They aim to make more compassionate business leaders who aren’t aggressive robots. The world definitely needs more of that.

Yet their pupils have also thanked them for saving marriages and ending long-running family feuds. The course made them better people as the fundamentals of good relationships are the same no matter who they’re between.

They have mapped out the six core competencies…

It takes under a minute to test it out

Image created by the author — original image from pexels

I was sharing hot wings and discussing life’s big mysteries with a friend when she said something weird.

“Oo great point, give me a second. I’m going to send myself a message about that.”

I gave her an awkward smile because I thought the heat from the buffalo sauce had gone to her head.

Yet she taught me a simple trick that has turned Whatsapp into my favorite note-taking app. I gave up on the dedicated apps a long time ago as they always felt clunky. …

Without being a starving artist

Photo of the author :)

This all feels a bit weird still.

I never considered myself the type of person to leave the corporate world to do something as creative as writing. I thought only people having mid-career breakdowns did such things.

It’s why I’m slightly embarrassed when I talk about it with the people I know in real life. Everyone has been so supportive but a nagging internal voice tells me that they think I’m throwing my life away.

Maybe deep down you think you aren’t the type of person either.
Maybe you’re worried the people in your life will confirm your doubts. …

Simple ideas that can make a difference

Created by the author — original image from pexels

I started creating content in January 2020 and 15 months later, I quit my job after accumulating millions of views. It’s been an exciting and sometimes terrifying journey and I’ve learned many things along the way.

But that’s enough about me for now.

Let’s focus on you. Here are 10 tips you can start using today.

#1 Find a voice checker

Almost everything possible online has already been done. The main way we can stand out is through our personality but it’s harder than it sounds.

People were too kind when they complimented me on my writer's voice when I started. …

#1 Lion’s breath

Created by the author — original image from cottonbro on Pexels

With all of humanity’s progress, it’s ironic we’ve become worse at the basic task of breathing.

You can test this out for yourself by placing one hand on your chest and one on your stomach and breathing how you normally would.

If your chest expands more than your stomach, it means you aren’t using the full power of your diaphragm. This can trigger the body’s defense mechanisms and create a vicious cycle of stress.

There’s no need to panic, I regularly rely on my chest for breathing too. I have over a decade of Karate experience and 5 years of…

All over 1/8th of a dollar per share

Created by the author — Original image from Wikimedia Commons

It’s hard to believe Warren Buffett was once young and emotional. We’re so used to seeing him at the top of Forbe’s rich list that we forget he’s not perfect.

In 1964, he was already a millionaire but made what he calls “a monumentally stupid decision”.

He had spotted a remarkable opportunity to make money at a failing textile business called Berkshire Hathaway. The management was selling their excess mills and using the profits to buy back their own stock. All Buffett had to do was hold his shares until they knocked on his door with a high enough offer.

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