5 Ways To Energize And Take Back Control of Your Life

According to the world’s best coach Simon Ong

Amardeep Parmar
5 min readApr 3, 2022


Photo edited by Author — Original provided by Simon Ong

There are two types of people in your life.

Some will drain you every time you talk to them. You’ve all got someone in your head right now who does this to you.

Others will electrify you. They make you feel inspired to attack your day. Simon Ong is one of these people. He’s won an award for the Life Coach of The Year at The International Coaching Awards.

I was lucky enough to share some teppanyaki with him and his wife Laurie for lunch one day. Our conversation lit a fire under me. I made the changes I’d been meaning to make but had been procrastinating.

Here are five ideas that can make a difference in your life from his book Energize (not an affiliate link).

3–2–1 rule

I don’t need to explain to you why sleep is important. We know should be getting more but we cling to bad habits.

“So we’re not getting enough work done because we’re sleep-deprived and we’re not sleeping because we’re not getting enough work done” — Matthew Walker.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed when you google ways to improve your sleep. Many methods could help but only if you actually follow through with them. The more complicated the rules you follow, the less time you’ll go before breaking them.

Try Simon’s simple 3–2–1 rule:

  • 3 hours before bed stop working —After you finish work, you need time to let your mind unwind. Otherwise, you’ll end up laying awake in bed thinking about work or even worse dreaming about work. Dreams should be about going on adventures not sitting at your desk!
  • 2 hours before bed stop eating — Allow your body time to digest your food before you go to sleep rather than make it work when it should be resting.
  • 1 hour before bed no more devices — How can you process your own thoughts if you’re drowning in a pool of pixels?

“Choose your words carefully”

Words are powerful yet we use them carelessly.



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