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Amardeep Parmar

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I write on a variety of topics whilst challenging common advice to be more mindful. People seem to like it as I had over 1 million views in 2020! Search for articles easily on my website or sign up for my weekly newsletter.

If you’re a writer who wants advice, go to Write Your Future. I am also a co-editor for Entrepreneur’s Handbook and a moderator for Medium Writing Academy.

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Sometimes you need to go backward to go forward.

Created by the author — original image from Pexelbay

Is it wrong to admit I’m jealous of my 7-month old nephew?

Despite being so new to the world, he seems to have happiness all worked out. He’s living the dream and his joy is infectious. Just being on Zoom with him has lifted my spirits on many grey days in the last year.

It’s made me think maybe I’ve been looking in the wrong direction for inspiration. I’ve studied the billionaires and productivity gurus but not a single one smiles as purely as a baby does.

If I could trade places with Jeff Bezos or my nephew for the…

#2 Take the T-Shaped path

Created by the author — original photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

It’s easy to forget where you began but luckily every week I write down 10 things I’m grateful for.

A year and a half ago, I wrote down:

“$0.98 first-ever article!!!”

I’d have laughed in your face if you told me I would write a title someday like the one you clicked on. I’d have laughed even harder if you tried to convince me I would quit my job to pursue writing.

Yet here I am.

I had already read hundreds of side hustle porn articles like many of you. I never believed I could do it myself because I…

“I told you to stop blocking with your face”

Created by the author — original image by Taryn Elliot (Pexels)

I love my mum. If you think this makes me weak then you can fight me.

I always read what people learned from long-dead philosophers or billionaires and sure, some of those lessons are valuable. Yet why are there so few about what we’ve been taught by our mothers? There are even fewer by men. Mine has shaped my personality far more than any book or podcast.

Part of my problem is I’m not sure I can ever do justice to everything she’s given me. Let me correct that, I know I can’t as I’m not sure the vocabulary exists…

Don’t cut off your potential by forgetting we’re all human

Created by the author — original image from Pexels

The writer in front of me was talented, charming, and loaded with potential. Yet without realizing it she had put herself in a box:

“My dream is to give advice to other South Asian women.”

It sounds noble but it was partly driven by insecurity because she didn’t think people from other backgrounds would even consider listening to her. This was deflating as she couldn’t see her words had value to people from any background.

I see this behavior across the whole spectrum of creators, from writers to Instagram influencers to YouTubers. Their content deserves to be loved by a…

Don’t use these words to describe yourself

Created by the author — original from Unsplash

Organized icebreakers were once my version of hell. I’d sit in a large group waiting for my turn to answer whilst panicking about how to come up with an answer that would make people like me.

One of the worst questions was “describe yourself in three words”. It’s the same if they ask what your friends would describe you as. Everyone knows it’s just a way to make the answer seem less arrogant but really it’s your own thoughts.

A cringefest is unleashed and people’s choices often revealed the opposite about their personality than what they hoped for. …

Have a little fun

Created by the author — original image from Unsplash

Flying front kick. Parry. Dummy jab in front of the eyes. Hook kick to the side of the head. Front leg sweep on the way down. Victory.

The crowd was stunned but my instructor shot me a glare. This wasn’t the defense-first approach I had been drilled with but I saw my opening and took it. I broke half of his rules but the audience loved it and wanted more.

After all, why is Karate a martial art if you can’t be creative every now and then?

Too many good creators online are more worried about disapproval from above than…

It’s not the key to happiness.

Created by the author — original image from Pexels

For so long, the world convinced me that social status and wealth will make me happy but I’m not sure I believe it anymore.

Yes, you can define being successful in many ways but let’s not pretend it wouldn’t still make sense 99% of the time if you switched the word with “rich”. We delude ourselves into thinking success is something nobler because talking about money is dirty.

Deep down we want happiness but we don’t know how to get there. When you’ve watched enough adverts, success seems like the obvious answer but it isn’t. …

From someone who looks like a success story

Created by the author (original image from pexels)

“You’ve done the pandemic right! I feel bad because I’ve totally wasted it.”

Most of my friends were shocked when they found out about my side hustles. I should be offended but I surprised myself too. What bothered me was the regret in their voices.

How can someone possibly think they’ve wasted a pandemic?

The global pandemic wasn’t like a Black Friday sale where you can miss out because you weren’t quick enough. Yet this is the way it’s being portrayed on social media and by some entrepreneurs. …

I don’t wake up at 5 am.

Created by the author featuring the author

I keep reading about how everyone needs a side hustle. It’s always made out to be something easy and manageable. People lie.

When I started, I had no intention of becoming a side-hustler. I was meant to write as a hobby and maybe if I got lucky I’d make a few dollars. Fast-forward a year and I have 5 volatile streams of income bringing in more than I could have imagined.

I’m not going to tell you how to make money because there are a million other stories to sell you that. I’m going to share how I’ve managed to…

Amardeep Parmar

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