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Amardeep Parmar

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I write on a variety of topics whilst challenging common advice to be more mindful. People seem to like it as I had over 1 million views in 2020! Search for articles easily on my website or sign up for my weekly newsletter.

If you’re a writer who wants advice, go to Write Your Future. I am also a co-editor for Entrepreneur’s Handbook and a moderator for Medium Writing Academy.

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From someone who looks like a success story

Created by the author (original image from pexels)

“You’ve done the pandemic right! I feel bad because I’ve totally wasted it.”

Most of my friends were shocked when they found out about my side hustles. I should be offended but I surprised myself too. What bothered me was the regret in their voices.

How can someone possibly think they’ve wasted a pandemic?

The global pandemic wasn’t like a Black Friday sale where you can miss out because you weren’t quick enough. Yet this is the way it’s being portrayed on social media and by some entrepreneurs. …

I don’t wake up at 5 am.

Created by the author featuring the author

I keep reading about how everyone needs a side hustle. It’s always made out to be something easy and manageable. People lie.

When I started, I had no intention of becoming a side-hustler. I was meant to write as a hobby and maybe if I got lucky I’d make a few dollars. Fast-forward a year and I have 5 volatile streams of income bringing in more than I could have imagined.

I’m not going to tell you how to make money because there are a million other stories to sell you that. I’m going to share how I’ve managed to…

It’s ok to be scared sometimes.

Created by the author — Original image from Pexels

I purposely didn’t use the word “overcome” in the title. I’m not going to sell you slogans to magically rid yourself of the fear of failure. It’s far easier to tell someone else to “just do it” than to live by it yourself.

I’m starting an exciting new journey but can openly admit I’m terrified of where it will take me. The toxic mix of adrenaline and cortisol pumping through my bloodstream has triggered many waves of panic. I worry I’m making a mistake and will set my life on the wrong path.

It would be easy for me to…

How to tackle the biases against women in business

Created by the author — original image from Wikimedia Commons

“He told us he really believed in our product… but it’s a no. He said I just don’t think women will buy make up from someone with your body and weight.” — Jamie Kern Lima

This investor was brutally honest in why he didn’t invest in Jamie’s business. Maybe other people thought the same but weren’t so open to her face with the reasoning. They used the excuse of “you’re not the right fit” and slowly battered her self-confidence.

Luckily, someone did believe in Jamie and she eventually sold her business to L’Oreal for $1.2 billion. …

Lessons from an undercover nerd

Created by the author — Image from Wikimedia commons

I’ve accidentally lied in every writing interview I’ve ever given.

“Did you write from a young age? Was it something you’ve always enjoyed?”

“No, I tried a WordPress blog a few years ago but no one read it!”

The truth is something came a decade before the failed WordPress blog but I wiped it from my memory. I was too embarrassed to ever tell anyone but I suppose it’s time I came clean.

I was “Backcracker_uk” on the discussion boards for Smackdown on IGN with over 5000 posts and comments. Thankfully, they’ve archived their forums so there’s no evidence.


David Baszucki’s Roblox is changing the online world

Created by the author — original from Flickr (creative commons)

David “The Builderman” Baszucki might have been considered delusional in college in the 1980s. Back then the thought of a platform where average people could build and run their own experiments online was unthinkable.

Yet David wasn’t just a student with a big idea. He was a fascinated electrical engineer who had the ability and tenacity to make it happen.

The fact he chose to name his first company Knowledge Revolution says everything about his mindset. This company won many awards for innovation before being sold for $20 million in 1997.

Yet his dream remained unfulfilled, so he founded Roblox…

What a Hollywood screenwriter taught Bruce Lee

Image created by the author — original from Pixabay

A Hollywood biographer was in his garden drinking fruit juice and discussing the great life questions with a big-time screenwriter and Bruce Lee. You’re probably thinking the martial arts legend was the one with all the answers but he was a student on this day.

The biographer asked his friends what the difference between spending time and wasting it was. Bruce confidently declared “to waste time is to expend it thoughtlessly or carelessly”. It’s hard to disagree with that logic.

Yet Stirling Silliphant, the screenwriter, went further. He believed we should treat time as the “most precious commodity we have”…

Why recordings of your voice sound so different, and what you can do if you cringe when you hear yourself

Image of a microphone
Image of a microphone
Image credit: golfcphoto.

The sound of my own voice has been a source of insecurity for my whole adult life. Then one day, I decided to do something about it.

I am a native English speaker despite the assumptions some readers may make from my name. I was born and raised in England, but not in one of the areas where people speak how you see on any exaggerated Netflix series.

My high school’s student population was 90% ethnic minority and a melting pot of different language influences. Slang and intentional distortions of speech were the norms. There definitely wasn’t any bowing or…

Expanding the Eisenhower Matrix

Created by the author

“Dad! I got to talk to you… I’m scared Dad”

It’s Christmas Eve and Walter is delivering a big presentation to his board of directors. You can see the jitters in his face, he knows his head is on the chopping block if things go wrong. His eyes flit between his boss and his son.

“Let me just finish this meeting then erm we’ll figure it out ok?”

“Figure out what?… All you care about is yourself!”

What should Walter have done? He has to decide between his career and the pleas of his child. Neither will forgive him if…

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