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My goal is to help people not lose sight of what really matters whilst chasing their dreams. You can download my free Anti-Burnout Toolkit here.

My writing has received millions of views and I’m also the host of Mindful & Driven where I interview people about how they find balance.

If you’re a content creator, I have courses for you on my website. You can also contact me for paid gigs at

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Hasan Kubba shares the MILES framework

Image courtesy of Hasan Kubba

Ideas don’t make successful startups. Execution does.

You might think your idea is special but most of the time a bigger fish can steal it with ease. Look at how quickly other social media platforms added rooms when Clubhouse became popular. They survived and Clubhouse will be forgotten.

Some people…

Dave Schools, a member of the founding team, breaks it down

Image courtesy of Dave Schools

Can you name the fastest-growing European startup ever?

The answer is Hopin.

It started as a virtual event experience company back in 2019 before remote work was a buzzword. When Dave Schools joined as the Head of Marketing when the company had no employees and zero revenue. …

Amardeep Parmar

Host of Mindful & Driven ☆ Keep sight of what matters whilst chasing your dreams ☆ Download my FREE Anti-Burnout Toolkit

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