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Amardeep Parmar

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I write on a variety of topics whilst challenging common advice to be more mindful. I explore how to achieve goals whilst knowing what’s really important. Search for articles easily on my website or sign up for my weekly newsletter.

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Is this the perfect startup?

Created by the author — original from Mikhail Nilov on Pexels

Sahil isn’t your typical founder.

He was only 19 when left Pinterest to create Gumroad in 2011. Within a year he had raised $8m and truly believed he could make his company a unicorn.

But he failed.

His company went from 23 employees all the way back down to one person. This crushed Sahil but he didn’t give up.

Today, Gumroad is still alive and unlike most unicorns, it’s making a profit every month. This is impressive in itself but what amazed me was this is all without having a single full-time employee. …

How to not overwhelm yourself

Of the author by the author

The idea of having multiple income streams seems smart. Yet the common execution is more trouble than it’s worth.

Sure, someone, you saw on the internet juggles real estate investing, crypto, dropshipping, blogging, YouTubing, and a dozen other micro-businesses but it would be a disaster for most of us.

The problem is the focus on the number of streams rather than the river feeding them. Many people start things because of the potential income and become frustrated when the cash doesn’t flow as fast as they want.

If you’re looking for writing advice from me, the worst thing you can…

Creators should give more respect to those around them

Created by the author — original from Pexels by Michelle Leman

The thrill of getting noticed online can make you feel like a superstar. Yet it hurts when those around you don’t seem to care.

You might seek comfort in online communities as I did. The people here give you all the attention you deserve. You might start to question why total strangers will help you but people you’ve known for years won’t.

Online friends like all your posts but your offline ones don’t.
Online friends sing your praises but your offline ones don’t.
Online friends understand all your hard work but your offline ones don’t.

I’ve seen too many creators…

#1 Keeping dogs (not the fluffy kind)

Photo of the author by the author

Money. Everyone knows it’s important. I won’t insult your intelligence by pretending I don’t care about it.

Yet if I only measured success in monetary terms, I wouldn’t have quit my day job. I’d have kept dancing on the edge of burnout to keep my salary and my side hustle revenue. I don’t need Jeff Bezos level money to be happy which is lucky because I’ll probably never make that much.

I want to earn enough to live a comfortable lifestyle combined with smart investments. …

Because I actually enjoyed going there

Photo of the author by the author

I finally handed in my resignation after a year of pandemic-induced full-time working from home. I calculated the timing so I would never return to the office despite my long notice period.

Yet, I wasn’t driven by a hatred of the office environment. It was the opposite. Before the pandemic, I was mostly happy with my work-life balance. I could work from home a couple of days if I wanted to but I went into the headquarters because I wanted to be there.

But something happened while I was forced to be home. I managed to build significant side hustles…

Don’t sell yourself short

Photo of the author by the author

I utterly failed to prepare for what happened if I was successful online.

I started my side hustles believing they’d never go anywhere. I held off investing money as long as I could and when I caved in, I’d buy the cheaper option every time.

What was the point in wasting money if I would be a nobody in a couple of months anyway?

I was wrong and my health and wallet have suffered because of it.

I’m now a full-time creator and I’m spending even more to buy what I was too cheap to invest in before. It’s worth…

Don’t let people put you off

Created by the author — original image from pexels

It’s easy for creators to develop narcissistic traits when they begin to see success online. It’s a truth not said often enough but I can see it in myself.

The rational side of our brain can’t accept we might have no idea why we did well. It must explain it somehow even if what we believe is nothing to do with our rise. Exceptions are ignored and fans are used to feed the ego. This can lead to overconfidence in the superiority of our way of doing things.

This is nonsense.

Everyone you follow is another imperfect human and we’re…

Spoiler: They were wrong

A photo of the author, created and edited by the author.

“Do you consider yourself British?”

“Yes, I was born and raised here.”

“Then you’ll never be happy.”

I laughed but stopped when I realized it wasn’t a joke. A smirk spread across the other man’s face. He was enjoying my discomfort. I forced myself to stay calm to spoil his fun.

He knew he had my attention so explained he had been working on a research project. The project would examine the happiness levels of people who were the first generation in their family to be born in a Western country.

According to him, these people would never truly be…

A system for prioritizing what matters

Photo: Dougal Waters/Getty Images

Over the past year and a half, I’ve heard people say they don’t feel like they are working from home, but living at work. It’s hard to deal with all the competing interests in our lives: work, relationships, family, friends, relaxation, and exercise.

There’s one tool I’ve found effective in navigating this issue: the Eisenhower Matrix. Originally created by President Dwight Eisenhower, the graphic helps you prioritize tasks based on urgency. While most people use it for work, I’ve expanded it to include everything I do in a day.

How it works: Get a piece of paper and divide it…

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