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Amardeep Parmar

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My goal is to help people not lose sight of what really matters whilst chasing their dreams. You can download my free Anti-Burnout Toolkit here.

My writing has received millions of views and I’m also the host of Mindful & Driven where I interview people about how they find balance.

If you’re a content creator, I have courses for you on my website. You can also contact me for paid gigs at

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Mindful & Driven | Randy Wolken

Don’t lose sight of how you feel

Image courtesy of Randy Wolken

“What do you do?” is the classic question we ask strangers but it’s the wrong one to ask ourselves.

We must stop thinking of ourselves in the same way as a machine. Computers can keep logs of the tasks they’ve completed and have list of what tasks they have to…

The freedom to do what I want when I want is making things harder

Image of the author by the author

Freedom and flexibility were constant features in my ‘screw the corporate world’ daydreams. I’d read so much entrepreneur porn, and I had an idealized vision of what life would be like. I believed I’d be able to do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it.


Mindful & Driven | John Mashni

You can choose to view the world with wonder

Image courtesy of John Mashni

The fact you can read this today is incredible.

You need to have both the senses to take in the information and the brainpower to understand it. We both needed access to devices that let us view information from a web that only exists digitally. …

Online business is not effortless

Photo by the author of the author

If you’re reading online today searching for the secret thing that’s going to make you rich with no effort, I’ve got bad news for you.

It doesn’t exist.

The internet often uses a liberal definition of the word “passive” to sucker people into clicking. …

Mindful & Driven | Nikita Ladwa

It’s ok to take your time

Photo courtesy of Nikita Ladwa

In the movies, people spontaneously quit their jobs and leave in a ball of fire. The reality often isn’t so simple.

Nikita Ladwa, the founder of The Naked Laundry, wrote her resignation letter six months before handing it in. …

3 lessons from a man whose life changed overnight

Image edited by the author — Original from Flickr

As Silicon Valley mega-founders go, Justin seems strangely likable.

He earned his stripes by co-founding the giant live streaming platform Twitch back in 2011. You might not have heard of it but it has the 36th highest global engagement of any site on the web. …

Focus on people, not computers

Edited by the author — Original from Pexels

I’m sick of creators pretending they know the secret to the algorithms on whatever platform they are on.

They don’t. I don’t either.

Yet people will confidently preach their opinions and reference the “algorithm” to give themselves pseudo-credibility. They’ll gain a cult-like following of people who desperately want to be…

Mindful & Driven | Niklas Goeke

Life is about having energy for what matters

Photo courtesy of Niklas Goeke

Many people believe they need to hustle all hours like a machine to be successful. Yet this strips them of the only human advantage we have left.


Niklas Göke has earned a following of over half a million people across platforms. The best bit is he only works for…

Stop projecting your desire for no office on everyone else

Image of the author by the author

The pandemic lit a fire under those who hate the office. The internet is full of stories calling them dead and how everyone would be happier if they just went away.

I now work for myself from my bedroom 99% of the time and for me, that’s a negative not…

Amardeep Parmar

Host of Mindful & Driven ☆ Keep sight of what matters whilst chasing your dreams ☆ Download my FREE Anti-Burnout Toolkit

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