Hi Dave,

This made me smile and is a cool idea. I think all the pieces of advice were interesting. I wonder if there are more mini-games like this to get writers to engage with each other rather than the share threads of Facebook groups.

While I’m nowhere near as qualified as the people in the article, my advice would be:

Your path is different from everyone else’s on Medium. There’s a lot of Dunning-Kruger effect from people who’ve had success attributing all to their hard work and ability. I’d say quite often people become successful but don’t really know the real reason.

Niklas Goke wrote an article about how his timing on joining and writing Medium was perfect for example. He is clearly amazing but do we believe there aren’t other amazing writers too? Ayodeji’s advice about the tipping point is important here too I think. Getting your break may be part luck but making the most of it is more in your control!

Have a great day!


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