Hi Zita,

Great article! I’ve got a couple of thoughts:

  • I try to actively engage with what I want to remember. I’d suggest people reading tons of self-help take the time to make their own notes and then compare to the other things they’ve read. I have a bank of notes I’ve made from the books I’ve read and I try to rewrite the notes months after to refresh my knowledge
  • Being great at something doesn’t mean you can make other people great. To use a football analogy, Sir Alex Ferguson was a mediocre player but a great manager. We sometimes confuse expertise and the ability to teach. A local running coach is probably more likely to improve your running than Usain Bolt who has all the basics as instinct and doesn’t need to think about it.

I’m in agreement with you that self-help is only worth reading if you actually act on it. Unless you just love reading self-help and are fairly happy already :)

Have a great day Zita!


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