Wow, Jordan Gross, I think I can say this is one of the best of this type of article I’ve read. I’ll be honest, I’d normally skip over a headline like this but because it was you, I thought I’d give it a try. Everything comes across so genuinely. I’m used to articles telling people to work to the bone and give up their friends and family to be successful.

Thank you for the point about telling people to have a plan. I see far too many people tell others to quit when they’ve got no idea about that person’s circumstances. It’s clear you’d built up strong skills to get your early management job in the first place which shows your drive.

#9 also stands out. I never follow a single person’s advice. If something resonates with me, I check out the counter-arguments. A great example is Range vs The ONE Thing as both are great books but with the opposite conclusions. Each of us is unique and we have to work out what works for us, not for generic self-help reader #3523423.

So again, thank you for the awesome read!

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